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Mukena Katun Paris

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Payment Method:Cashier Order
Pack. & Delivery:Plastik
Specification:A beautiful Mukenah/ hijab is very exclusive, making from Paris Cotton with Bordir in all of Mukenah. Very exclusive to wear in Iedul Fitri Holiday. Interested? Contact us on Yahoo Messenger/ Email : ika_nursila@ yahoo.com.sg or HP: + 62 819 1617 8417 / + 62 361 307 0 308. We will happy to assist you.

Company Contact
Name:Mrs. Ika Nursila Dewi [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Instant Messaging:
Y!: ika_nursila Y!: ika_nursila
Windows Live: ika_nursila@hotmail.com ika_nursila@hotmail.com
Skype: ika_nursila
Google Talk:  ika.nursila@gmail.com  ika.nursila@gmail.com
Mobile Number:+62-361-819 1617 8417
Phone Number:+62-361-307 0 308
Address:Pertokoan Alam Dewata D1, Jl. Dewata Panjer Sidakarya
Denpasar 80221, Bali

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